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Developing a Hiring Criteria

Developing a Hiring Criteria

It is pertinent to develop a set of criteria for hiring personnel. Within this, it is important to have this system in place prior to even posting the vacancy. This safeguards you as a company by putting a framework in place to minimize bias by creating a more equitable hiring process. Once a set of criteria has been created, it is then important to consider how much weight to give each criterion.


Here are some ideas for criterion:

  • Cultural fit (e.g.: how will this individual mesh with the rest of the team?)
  • Performance fit
  • Diversification (e.g.: seeking to diversify one’s teams through skills, personality, background, etc.)
  • Background/experience
  • Technical Skills
  • Attitude
  • Adaptability
  • Personality
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Collaboration
  • Communication skills
  • Integrity
  • Investment
  • Trustworthiness


It is important for your organization to consider the following questions when determining human capital vacancies:

By what criteria does your organization gage if a potential candidate is the appropriate fit?

How much weight do you give each criterion?

What systems do you have in place for making hiring decisions?

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