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Adolescents and Young Adults



Adolescents have so many challenges they face on a daily basis. Not only is social media a constant reminder of who you should be, but they are also facing a rapidly changing society. There are social, educational, and performance pressures they are constantly being asked to respond to. All the while, they are trying to sort through their identity and grasp some sense of confidence as their bodies, minds, and social status’ change. Teens face several issues on a daily basis that may include identity formation, social pressures, gender and sexual orientation quests, intimacy, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and gaining independence.


While young adults face similar challenges as adolescents, they are also learning to live independently and find/make careers for themselves. These tasks require a sense of self and identity, along with financial hardship. Young adults are faced with several questions about life purpose, meaning, and how they want to define themselves. Often after young adults have moved away from home, they are processing their upbringing and family of origin. All of these issues combined can be overwhelming, disorienting, and exhausting.


I have a big place in my heart for adolescents and young adults, as they are often faced with more questions than answers. I have an extensive background working with both of these groups, through teaching pre-teens and high school-aged students, leading wilderness trips, working as a resident assistant in college, and having counseled several pre-teens to young adults. I treasure getting to explore life’s meaning and purpose, along with all the unanswered questions of these age groups.


I approach counseling adolescents and young adults on an individual basis, predicated upon their  unique and immediate needs. However, often we are collaboratively working to increase healthy socialization, creating healthy relational boundaries, building coping skills, exploring identity, improving self-esteem, developing goals, processing beliefs and values, and career exploration. I would be honored to walk alongside you in the present season of life you are finding yourself in. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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