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Infertility and Infant Loss



Infertility and infant loss often receives a common response from society either of silence, judgment, or minimization; thus, making it difficult for one undergoing such issues to know how one really feels or having the freedom to do so. My personal and professional heart is for the silenced, disenfranchised, shamed, minimized and unspoken losses because every loss matters (see "...Silenced Losses"). You are the only one who can know how you truly feel and no one else has the right to determine your feelings (see "Authentic Grief").


Aside from having a heart for disenfranchised losses, I am also extremely passionate about issues with infertility and infant loss as I have personally dealt with these issues. In addition, I have walked closely personally and professionally with individuals who have faced fertility struggles. It is ‘easy’ to slip into isolation when undergoing these specific challenges as it feels like others do not understand, as they often unintentionally minimize experiences due to a lack of understanding.


The issues within fertility leave no area in one’s life untouched, as they challenge one’s: sense of self, identity, role, and femininity/masculinity; meaning, purpose, dreams, goals, and hopes; career; spirituality; cultural, societal, religious, and familial expectations; finances; relationships; and so on. Fertility issues are difficult to escape and not be all consumed by.


I approach counseling individuals undergoing infertility or infant loss on an individual basis, predicated upon the client’s unique and immediate needs. However, my approach to these issues often involves increasing community support, repairing and fostering relational intimacy, building coping skills, exploring identity, improving self-esteem, building new dreams, processing spiritual impact, and grieving losses. I would be honored to walk alongside you with the current challenges you are undergoing, as we are not meant to go through them alone. I look forward to HEARING from you!

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