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Peripateo Consulting

Peripateo believes in positive change and growth. We are constantly in the process of being shaped and formed by our life circumstances. While we often lack control over such circumstances, we have the ability to choose how we respond. The process we go through within life seasons is what truly makes us who we are, not necessarily the outcome of those situations. Peripateo Consulting is passionate about walking alongside individuals in processing through life transitions in order for positive adaptive outcomes to occur. We will journey with you as you make critical choices that affect your lifestyle, relationships, and career path. Peripateo Consulting offers individual therapy and career counseling. 



Feeling lost? Lonely? Fragile? Stuck? Frustrated? Burned out? Needing a space and time that is reserved just for you to process the feelings and thoughts tirelessly invading your quality of life? Peripateo Consulting would love to join you in your journey of getting through whatever season of life you are in without judgment.

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Career Counseling

Apathetic or feeling stuck in your career? Ready for a change? Perhaps uncertain as to how to make a change and what that change is exactly? Let Peripateo Consulting coach you in finding a career that maximizes your potential and rejuvenates your spirit! We will walk alongside you as you sort through your next steps, including resume and cover letter development, job searching, and interview skills.

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Next Steps...

Whether you are seeking counseling, career, or talent acquisition services, I would love to connect with you! Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me today to discern your immediate needs and how we can best partner to meet your desired goals. I look forward to hearing from you!

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