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Conveying Unique Competencies and Passions

Conveying Career Competencies and Passions

Written by Hannah Chism

"Conveying Career Competencies and Passions" has been published on The Marketing Alliance's website. On January 14, 2021 @ 1 PM MST we, Peripateo Consulting and The Marketing Alliance, are facilitating a webinar, where I discuss how to both identify and convey your strengths and skills to increase your employment opportunities.


"Conveying Career Competencies and Passions" is Part 2 to "Identifying Unique Competencies and Passions." This article unfolds how you convey your strengths and passions in order to secure a satisfying, congruent career.

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Tips for Virtual Interviews

The Season of Virtual Interviews

COVID-19 Pandemic


Anticipating an upcoming virtual interview? Check out this article for virtual interviewing tips. I especially appreciate the recommendation to have a bullet-pointed list of reminders on your screen/closeby, as this is not something we generally get the liberty of during in-person interviews.

Interview Tip

Interview Tip

By Hannah Chism

Connect with your interview panel. When interviewing, you are seeking to create an alliance or connection with each person on the interview panel, as they will likely all collaborate on the top candidate selection. While the hiring manager or your potential boss certainly needs to feel that connection, it is important to get buy-in from the other team members as well. If possible, find a way to make each person on the interview team feel seen and valued, regardless of their position. Some of the ways this can be accomplished:

  • Eye contact throughout your interview with each person on the interview panel
  • Remembering each person’s name
  • Paying attention to little comments they make in passing about their lives
  • Individual thank you cards/emails addressed to each person on the interview panel after the interview

Remember the value of connection and how it makes others feel!