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Conveying Unique Competencies and Passions

Conveying Career Competencies and Passions

Written by Hannah Chism

"Conveying Career Competencies and Passions" has been published on The Marketing Alliance's website. On January 14, 2021 @ 1 PM MST we, Peripateo Consulting and The Marketing Alliance, are facilitating a webinar, where I discuss how to both identify and convey your strengths and skills to increase your employment opportunities.


"Conveying Career Competencies and Passions" is Part 2 to "Identifying Unique Competencies and Passions." This article unfolds how you convey your strengths and passions in order to secure a satisfying, congruent career.

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Resume Tip

Tailor Your Resume

By Hannah Chism

Tailor your resume to each position you apply for. Employers want to know you are truly interested in the position and their company. Be sure to review and tweak your resume to provide relevant experience, skills, certifications, trainings, strengths, etc. Move transferable experience to the top bullets of each section. This may require rearranging the format of your resume. Prove your investment with the employer’s first impression!