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Career Counseling

career anxiety


We spend most of our waking hours at our places of employment; thus, making our career choices critical. Our careers often overflow into our personal lives, impacting our overall quality of life. Making career decisions can create great anxiety, as we are all too aware of the impact it has on our overall wellbeing. There are so many factors at stake and various priorities at play, thus making it difficult to sort through the mess of where to even begin. Then, once we decide which direction we would like to head, there is the actual obstacle of obtaining employment. Unemployment, career changes, and stagnation in one’s career can create anxiety and depression due to the stresses it places on one’s life.


I am deeply passionate about helping individuals navigate career decisions. Since my heart is for wholehearted-living, I am greatly invested in walking alongside individuals in finding the right career path for one’s unique set of values, goals, needs, personality, strengths, and so on. I have a background in human resources as a recruiter and have hired for several types of industries. I have also worked with several clients in navigating career decisions and stressors.


I approach counseling individuals navigating career stressors on a case-by-case basis, predicated upon one’s unique and immediate needs. However, often we are collaboratively working to identify strengths, explore interests, explore roles and identity, identify needs and desires, increase understanding of one’s personality, develop goals, improve self-esteem, foster empowerment, explore how relationships have shaped one’s career decisions and desires, improve communication skills, develop self-care habits, build coping skills, grieve losses, and process life transitions. I would be honored to walk alongside you in navigating your career journey, as it greatly impacts the quality of one’s life! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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