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Grief and Loss Counseling



Each person has encountered loss in some way in their lives, whether it’s losing one’s first pet, becoming unemployed, or losing a close family member, we have each experienced loss. In order to heal, grief is a requirement. Each person’s grief is unique, as each individual has a unique background, personality, and set of values and beliefs. This means each person’s grieving process looks completely different in duration, format, and impact. There is no set formula or recipe on how someone should grieve, as no one can assign how you should feel (see "Authentic Grief").


Oftentimes, society silences, minimizes, shames, or disenfranchises one’s grief, frequently due to the type of loss being societally unsanctioned or stigmatized (see "...Silenced Losses"). Some of the primary types of disenfranchised grief include singleness, divorce, suicide, mental illness of a loved one, chronic pain, prolonged bereavement, infant loss, infertility, adoption, and abortion. I hold a special place in my heart for each of these types of loss, as they are delicate and important.


I am passionate about sitting with others in their grieving and mourning processes, as it is completely and solely unique to each person. We cannot move forward in life well until we have grieved our losses. Loss impacts each part of our lives and leaves no stone unturned. Grief calls out our most vulnerable places and requires entering painful, forgotten, and stowed-away places. We are not meant to grieve alone.


I approach grief and loss counseling on an individual basis, predicated upon the client’s unique and immediate needs. However, my approach to grief and loss often involves increasing community support; building coping skills; unraveling physical, social, emotional, and cognitive impact; processing spiritual impact; grieving each individual loss; creating rituals; and identifying secondary losses. I would be honored to walk alongside you in your grief and mourning process. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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