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I believe each of us are spiritual beings in some way. By “spiritual” I mean that each of us in some way seeks to understand our unique purposes and the meaning of life. Spirituality can entail one’s connectedness to nature, sense of purpose, level of conviction to a certain belief, or a relationship with a higher power.

When one is undergoing an ‘existential crisis’ then they often ask: “What is my purpose? Does life mean anything anyway? And, where am I going?” They are seeking a foundation and sense of direction. Each of us wrestles through these questions at some point in our lives, but the depth and extent vary by person. Often, we desire to isolate ourselves during these crises because it may feel embarrassing – like we are the only ones who do not have ‘it figured out.’ However, it is critical to journey with others during this period. Oftentimes this is a difficult balance to strike, as we are desiring to find our unique and congruent sense of meaning and purpose without the influence of others; however, in the midst of this quest we must remain connected to others, even when we feel unacceptable or alone in our questions.

A ‘spiritual crisis’ occurs when one feels at a crossroads in their spiritual journey. This involves one feeling, “I used to hold firmly to this belief, but now I question it… What do I do with these questions? Are they okay? Who do I talk to, since everyone in my community seems to assign to these beliefs unwaveringly?” Often this can be an outcome of undergoing struggle, failure, or hardship. This can also feel lonely, as the community you typically lean into during times of distress appears to be centered or you may fear rejection.

A ‘spiritual bruising’ can be very difficult to recover from. This is when one has been wounded by their faith or spiritual community. Often bitterness, isolation, cynicism, doubt, and hopelessness can result from a spiritual bruising. The lines between community and one’s belief system become blurred and convoluted, where they become inextricable. This can be dangerous, as a spiritual bruising can result in the abandonment of both, which can then leave one feeling lost, disoriented, and alone.


My heart is for repair, restoration, and whole-hearted living. Each of these require feeling, mourning, honesty, and hard work. I have personally undergone each of the crises mentioned above. Healing in these areas have required questioning, wrestling, fighting, and therapy. I have also counseled individuals who have wrestled through each of these wounds and crossroads.


I approach counseling individuals battling spirituality on case-by-case basis, predicated upon one’s unique and immediate needs. However, often we are collaboratively working to process relational wounds, identify core belief systems, exploring how relationships have shaped one’s belief system, question and investigate previous and desired belief system, create healthy and congruent relational boundaries, increase community support, explore roles and identity, forgive/heal/restore relationships with one’s spiritual community or higher power, and iron out congruent beliefs and values. I would be honored to walk alongside you in navigating your spiritual journey, as it often determines the steps we intentionally take in our lives! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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